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The Show Me Costa Rica Project...

Started By: Samantha Lurie

The Show Me Costa Rica is a year-long project for inner-city youth in St. Louis, Missouri.... MORE

Raised $7,975 Goal $32,000

Higher Academics Summer School...

Started By: Lauren Sanders

Higher Academics Summer School, otherwise known as HASS, is a four-week academic summer program that serves high achieving students fromt the Black Belt of Alabama. HASS was s... MORE

Raised $5,970 Goal $30,000

“Bud, Not Buddy” 5...

Started By: Rosamond Hayden

As the 5th grade reading teacher at East Elementary in Greenwood, MS I have had the privilege of witnessing the magic that is putting the right book in the hands of my student... MORE

Raised $19 Goal $117

GovClub Trip Abroad 2016

Started By: Jackson Wright

The Government Club summer learning program (or GovClub Trip Abroad) exists to give selected students real-world application of their learning and leadership development throu... MORE

Raised $39,353 Goal $36,000

Show Me Costa Rica – Gateway...

Started By: Ana Barrios

Gateway STEM High School will bring 10 students to Costa Rica to study abroad for the first time in Gateway history. Students will have the opportunity to study biology, econo... MORE

Raised $4,149 Goal $15,000

Mississippi River Marathon

Started By: Jenn Mohead

My boys, Jack and Henry, are running in the Mississippi River Marathon because only 11% of Mississippi students graduate high school college ready. With your support, we can c... MORE

Raised $0 Goal $500

The Princess Project

Started By: Jaclyn Markovich

... MORE

Raised $3,777 Goal $5,000

Health Career Academy

Started By: Liana Gefter

An exciting and innovative link between high school students and teaching partners in health and medicine, the Health Career Academy is designed to bring to life the possibili... MORE

Raised $1 Goal $5,000

College and Career Readiness d...

Started By: Laramie Riggs

Leflore County School District is one of 3 districts in the state of Mississippi that is under conservatorship (State takeover due to failing test scores). Under conservatorsh... MORE

Raised $450 Goal $2,000

Metro-Atlanta Access Program (...

Started By: Sam Aleinikoff

The Metro-Atlanta Access Program (MAP) aims to provide students at under-resourced Atlanta-area public schools with the guidance and support necessary to successfully navigate... MORE

Raised $5,909 Goal $10,000

AFCHMS Scholars Go Abroad: Cos...

Started By: Kierra Bussey

I am seeking sponsorship for 12 remarkable students who will travel to Costa Rica for an all-inclusive, week long cultural immersion trip April of 2017. Our overall goal is to... MORE

Raised $549 Goal $14,400

The Teaching Well

Started By: Kelly Knoche

The Teaching Well is committed to cultivating healthy, resilient educators by providing a variety of experiential, somatic-based workshops and in person offerings for educator... MORE

Raised $9,684 Goal $15,000

Southerners Go South

Started By: Chelsea Henderson

A group of students from Earle High School is traveling to Costa Rica in the Summer of 2016! The trip which was originally planned for the summer of 2015, has been postponed t... MORE

Raised $375 Goal $5,000

Florida: Adventures in the Sun...

Started By: Chelsea Clark

We are very excited to present this plan for the Yazoo City to Orlando, Florida trip. The title of this trip is Florida: Adventures of the Sunshine State. We seek to expose a ... MORE

Raised $30 Goal $13,500

Global Game Jam

Started By: Max Smith

High School Students will be exposed to opportunities and pathways in the Computer Science field by touring Georgia State University and learning how to program their own comp... MORE

Raised $340 Goal $1,000

The Mission Possible Initiativ...

Started By: Nicholas Wright

The Mission Possible Initiative is a program that takes students from various geographic regions on an exposure experience to New York City for one week during the summer. Dur... MORE

Raised $14,454 Goal $13,000

Delta Horizons Dominican Repub...

Started By: Lauren Hedgren

20 phenomenal students of Lakeside High School will travel to the Dominican Republic for a service learning trip. Our students will complete over 20 hours of service while gai... MORE

Raised $39,502 Goal $45,000

Girls Write the World 2017

Started By: Sara Hutchinson

Girls Write the World is a free, girls-only writing and empowerment program for young women in the Mississippi Delta. We are dedicated to providing a safe space for female cre... MORE

Raised $825 Goal $5,000

Mississippi River Marathon

Started By: Jay O'Toole

The Mississippi River Marathon offers the only marathon in the Mississippi Delta and a variety of opportunities that no other race in the world can offer. Our goal is first, f... MORE

Raised $1,324 Goal $35,000

Costa Rica 2016: Sustainabilit...

Started By: stephanie seidmon

This summer, I am taking my AP and on-level Environmental Science students to Costa Rica to learn about their geology, biodiversity, and how they’ve managed to sustain their... MORE

Raised $4,575 Goal $15,000

Freedom Summer Teaching Fellow...

Started By: Andrew Donnelly

The Freedom Summer Teaching Fellowship brings the experience of an excellent college seminar to high school students across the country. We provide a Fellowship to the nation... MORE

Raised $8,625 Goal $15,000

Delta Ink

Started By: Jaclyn Markovich

Delta Ink... MORE

Raised $2,000 Goal $5,000

Goal Met! Outdoor Adventurers ...

Started By: Keegen Gillette

Update: We’ve exceeded our $2,000 goal by $500! Thank you for your donations and support of this program. Grateful Greetings! The amazing students at Aspire Rosa Parks A... MORE

Raised $92 Goal $90

The Gift of Reading

Started By: Chris Monroe

Literacy is fundamental to a child’s success. Exposure and book handling are critical. This purpose of this project is to first, provide them with books to aid in exposu... MORE

Raised $0 Goal $425

Young Scholars College Immersi...

Started By: Laura Rogers

Young Scholars College Immersion Program... MORE

Raised $2,395 Goal $10,000

Mind Bubble Tutoring

Started By: Eric Canosa

Mind Bubble is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing students at the secondary level with the literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills they need to be s... MORE

Raised $299 Goal $12,000

Girls Soccer

Started By: Marie Ojofeitimi

Also known as football in other regions of the world, soccer is a classic sport! The girls at Banneker High School have only a limited of materials and supplies to sustain the... MORE

Raised $0 Goal $4,000

Show Me Costa Rica: Riverview

Started By: Natasha Dupee

Six Participants from Riverview Gardens High School will engage in the second annual partnership with EducationFirst Tours (EF) to explore the following aims in EF’s Costa R... MORE

Raised $575 Goal $3,000

South Delta Elementary Chess T...

Started By: Tom Reen

Founded in 2010, the South Delta Chess Program has grown from having five to over twenty participants over the past several years. Students participate in a number of local, r... MORE

Raised $1,775 Goal $2,200

College AIM

Started By: Sam Aleinikoff

Dear Friends of College AIM, On March 31st, we will embark on our annual College AIM Campus Tour to visit 15 of the most selective and supportive colleges in the nation. Most ... MORE

Raised $485 Goal $20,000

GoGlobal Grant

Started By: Caitlyn Lamdin

The GoGlobal Grant provides scholarships of up to $500 for middle and high school students to travel abroad as a part of school or community sponsored international learning e... MORE

Raised $1,477 Goal $5,000

Birmingham to Beijing

Started By: Devon Cantwell

The Birmingham to Beijing Project is a non-profit organization seeking to close the opportunity gap for students through critical language learning and study abroad experience... MORE

Raised $720 Goal $15,000

Appalachian Global Service Cor...

Started By: Stephanie Tanner

The Appalachian Global Service Corps is an organization dedicated to empowering Appalachian youth to be servant leaders through international global service projects and leade... MORE

Raised $21,293 Goal $30,000

Greenwood High Cross Country

Started By: Nick Onyshko

The Cross Country team at Greenwood High School is an inclusive athletic team that is offered to both students in 7th to 12th grade in the Greenwood Public School District. Ou... MORE

Raised $908 Goal $2,000

AVID takes NYC & Boston!

Started By: Monica Peterson

We are excited to offer a trip to Boston and New York City exclusively for members of the AVID Club, an organization dedicated to preparing and exposing students to abundant c... MORE

Raised $1,175 Goal $25,000

Gateway to Chicago and Beyond

Started By: Ryan Winn

I am currently working as the founding 7th grade math teacher at KIPP: Memphis Academy Middle in Memphis, TN. Our school was opened three years ago by a TFA alum with the aim ... MORE

Raised $1,125 Goal $2,000

Early Childhood Behavior Manag...

Started By: Julie Allen

Many early childhood educators do not have the skills to teach their students to name and manage their own emotions. These teachers are struggling to find their own no-nonsens... MORE

Raised $0 Goal $366

Amistad High School Costa Rica...

Started By: DeAnna Bartold

For the first year in its history, Achievement First Amistad High School will be hosting a study abroad trip to Costa Rica in April 2017. There, we will zipline through the ra... MORE

Raised $5,084 Goal $5,000

2016 Metro-Atlanta College Acc...

Started By: Sam Aleinikoff

The 2016 Metro-Atlanta College Access Conference is jointly hosted by College AIM and Towers High School and works to create connections between high-achieving underrepresente... MORE

Raised $2,235 Goal $5,000