Program Name
Butler Theatre Project


Program Description

In the minds of many, Butler High School has fallen on hard times. Enrollment is down, public image is less than ideal, and we want to change that. We want to Re-imagine Butler. This has led to the creation of the Butler Theatre Project.
The Butler Theatre Project seeks to revitalize Butler by bringing a high quality arts program back into Butler High School. Our students will not be held back by chronic low expectations and will be able to become critical consumers and creators of art. We seek to change the way the community views education at S.R. Butler High School. We seek to extend to our students a new pathway of opportunity that is community driven, innovative, and transformational.

Butler High School has an amazing opportunity to change the way theatre is done in urban, public, schools. We have an auditorium, recalling the old legacy of Butler, that if repaired can host world class theatre. We have students, talented and eager students, waiting for an opportunity to bring art to their community. By revitalizing this department we can realize the talents of our students, bring arts back to the school, and re-imagine Butler High School and the communities we serve.

Type of Program
TFA Region
Fundraising Goal
S.R. Butler High School
Grade Level
High School
Number of Students
21 - 40